2018 BKN Holiday Gift Guide

2018 BKN Holiday Gift Guide

Still looking for an amazing gift for that special someone this holiday season? Look no further than the hive! We’ve got something sweet for everyone on your list. 

Got your list out? Here we go…                

For the honey obsessed → Liquid Gold  

Four delicious jars of our signature enzymatic raw honey, four tasty varietals: Sweet Clover, Wildflower, Raspberry Blossom, and Buckwheat. Perfect for the Pooh Bear in your life.   

For the busy bee → B.Chill Hemp Honey Sticks

Know someone who just can’t stop buzzing? Give them the gift of on-the-go bliss with a 5 or 10 pack of B.Chill Sticks. These hemp oil infused honey sticks are just the thing to help take the edge off.   

(Maybe treat yourself to a few, too. You know, to get through the holiday madness.)   

For the non-stop hustler → Beegan Pharmacy     

B.Powered, B.LXR Brain Fuel, and two precious bottles of Propolis Spray—for the go-getter in your life who is always pushing to perform at 110%. From productivity to energy to immunity, this is the hive support they need to keep crushin’ it day after day.     

For your sweetie → Superfood Cacao Honey   

There’s never a bad time for chocolate. This holiday season, give the chocolate lover in your life the sweet cacao goodness they’ve been dreaming of: pure raw Ecuadorian cacao blended with nourishing raw honey—perfect for dipping on raw fruit, spreading on toasting, or licking right off the spoon.   

For the foodie → Creative Kitchen Essentials

Bee Pollen, Wildflower Honey, and Superfood Cacao Honey—three kitchen essentials sure to inspire your creative foodie to culinary greatness. From energizing brownie bites to frame-worthy smoothie bowls, these are game-changing secret ingredients.      

(Better call dibs on taste testing!) 

For the connoisseur →  Honey Flight  

Have a friend or family member who loves single origin coffees, obsesses over wine or craft beer tastings, and even owns a flavor bible? Introduce them to the wild world of varietal honeys with our Honey Flight, so they can taste and experience the full spectrum of sweet golden glory.         

For the weekend warrior → Active Essentials

B.Powered, Bee Pollen, and Propolis Spray—an athlete's dream support team! This is everything your loved one needs to train for, perform, and recover from a marathon endeavor, whether it’s climbing Kilimanjaro, running the NYC Marathon, or dominating their weekly spin class.        

For every wellness lover → Holiday Gift Set      

This Holiday Gift Set has a little something for everyone on your list—plenty of Propolis Spray for all your loved ones, a 5 pack of B.Chill Sticks for your busy bee, and a Honey Flight for the foodie in your life. Consider your holiday shopping done.  

For the serious bee lover →  No Honey Mo Problems hat

Hats are awesome. Bees are awesome. What’s not to love about a Save the Bees hat? It’s a stylish way for the bee lover in your life to rep the cause.      

Bonus: You can feel good knowing we donate 10% of the profits from our apparel line to support bee research!    

Bonus stocking stuffer → Propolis Spray   

Give the gift of immune support. ‘Tis the season for Propolis Spray, so why not stuff a couple bottles into everyone’s stocking? And don’t forget, moms with little ones will especially love our Propolis Throat Spray for Kids.      

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