Winter Wellness Survival Guide

Winter Wellness Survival Guide

Winter is upon us—with its brutally short days, chiller weather, and sweet treats aplenty—but that doesn't mean your hard-earned wellness needs to go into hibernation. Here are our 6 indispensable tips for surviving the harshest season of the year in one healthy piece...    

Don’t. Stop. Moving.  

Imagine that you let a car sit around all winter—yikes! So hello to rust and a dead battery come springtime. Snuggling into the couch and binging on Netflix all winter is practically the same thing. Ugh.  

That's why it is so crucial to keep your fitness up throughout the winter. You won't just feel better—staying fit will help you stay injury-free, less stressed, and more balanced during the icy depths of the season. So keep your body moving, whether it's skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, spin class, snowshoeing, yoga, trail running, hiking—just stay active.            

Invest in a full spectrum light.

If you live in a cold northern climate, the winter blues can really get you down. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects around 10 million Americans and can make the shorter, colder, and darker days a real struggle. 

If you can’t afford to relocate to a land of endless summer, you can make a major difference in your mood by investing in a full spectrum light—especially if you’re stuck indoors all day. These lights are specially designed to mimic the effect of sunlight on our bodies and have been shown to help improve both mood and outlook, even during the darkest, coldest days of winter. It's like your own personal stash of sunshine!        

Keep your friends close, but your Propolis Spray closer.

Winter is all about snuggling up with loved ones, right? But you're probably not super psyched to snuggle up with their germs. Be sure to keep a bottle of Propolis Throat Spray on hand. It’s powerful immune support, powered by Mother Nature.  

Stay mindful about your diet and consider ditching white sugar.  

It’s easy to go hog wild around the holidays, but try to stay mindful. That's why we like to ditch the refined sugars entirely. Instead, we lightly sweeten our favorite holiday indulgences with wholesome natural sweeteners—like our antioxidant-rich Raw Buckwheat Honey.         

And remember that the holidays definitely aren't an excuse to, ahem, eat leftover cake for breakfast all week—we've all totally been there. Keep fueling yourself with nourishing foods on the daily, especially greens, so you can really enjoy the holiday indulgences when they come your way.         

Grab a good book and don’t be afraid to go full ‘hygge’.

Are you a winter hater? Our key to enjoying winter is to seriously lean in to it. That's where hygge comes in. If you haven’t heard it already, hygge is the Danish term for that special cozy feeling you get when you're fully immersed in your happy place. 

While hygge is more about experiences than stuff, it doesn't hurt to get as cozy as possible to set yourself up for success. Load your hive up with all your snuggliest winter essentials: good slippers, a fluffy blanket, plenty of honey, herbal tea, a few good books, and maybe even a comfy onesie—and tell winter to bring it on!                 

Get serious about your cocoa game.

The ultimate winter necessity is, without a doubt, a solid hot cocoa recipe. We're pretty partial to our zen-boosting B.Chill Hot Cocoa, made with a small spoonful of B.Chill and a big dollop of our Superfood Cacao Honey, a.k.a. pure cacao BLISS! Try it out for yourself and stay cozy!        

gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free (serves 2)
(Be sure to print or bookmark this page for easy access during winter cacao emergencies!)     
4 cups hot water
2-3 cinnamon sticks
1-2 tsp B.Chill Hemp Honey   
1⁄2 cup coconut butter
* 1 Tbsp cacao powder for extra richness (optional)
  1. Add all ingredients to a small saucepan and warm gently over medium heat, until the honey has dissolved. Add a pinch of sea salt or cayenne pepper for a spicy kick.
  2. Serve in large mugs with your favorite toppings and get cozy!

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