What To Buy Your Queen Bee: A Guide To Mother’s Day Gifts

What To Buy Your Queen Bee: A Guide To Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mom deserves appreciation every day, but she really deserves something special this Mother’s day. Before you get her some store bought chocolate, a massage, or a bouquet of flowers, check out our list below for some more unique and personal gifts for the special lady in our lives! For the Chef Super easy to set up and small space friendly, these home gardens will give extra flavor to your chef’s creations! The best part? Unlike outdoor herb gardens, there is little to no mess! For the Fitness Junky Does your mom love the sweat life? If that is a yes, try this fit box subscription! Each month your mom will receive a box full of fit themed products! Boxes include snacks, apparel and other fitness accessories, all essential for a workout lover! For The Sweet Tooth Does you mom love her sweets? This year, give her some sweetness that will also keep her healthy and glowing! Our Raw Honey With Cacao will satisfy her sugar cravings while omitting the nasty sugars and chemicals found in conventional chocolate products! She can spread it on toast, use it as chocolate sauce or just have it on a spoon, regardless, she'll love the flavor, and will appreciate the healthiness! For the Adventurer Have an explorer on your hands? How bout a family adventure to Camp Yoga! Think wine, yoga and dance parties surrounded by beautiful scenery!  Check out their website to find a location nearest you! For The Health Freak Got a Kombuchaholic on your hand? How bout a Kombucha making kit! Your mom will be a brew master in no time and you will have an unlimited supply of the fermented tea we are all obsessing over. Add this book for some creative recipes (there are even cocktails!!). It’s about to get bubbly! For The Inventor Your queen bee into the latest cool new products? Check out this eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap! This option is made of beeswax and can be reused multiple times. It can also wrap all sizes, from small a piece of garlic all the way to a replacement lid for a container.   For the Fashionista Have a fashionista on your hands? How about gifting a tee that is both cute and gives back! BKN’s Bee Tshirts are super cute and classic (with three different sayings!), and 10% of sales going back to bee research! Your mom will love you no matter what, but your mom will feel extra special this Mother’s Day with your on-point gift game (way more than your siblings!).

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