Cactus Fever

Cactus Fever

Why are people so obsessed with the cactus? Maybe it’s their strange cuteness that attracts us? Maybe it is their punny attributes? Or maybe it’s their resilience that inspires us (I mean they literally can live through anything it seems!). Personally, we love cacti for their tie to the bees! Yep, many species of cacti, including the prickly pears, are partially pollinated by our friends the bees! While we would love for our house to be covered in cacti, we don’t have the funds to fuel the addiction. SO here is our tried and true method of how to propagate, AKA create more cacti! What you'll need
  • Cactus pads 
  • Pot
  • Succulent soil
  • Silicone tipped tongs
  • Nitrile dipped gloves
  • Sharp knife
  • Be aware that cacti aren’t easy to handle, and so be careful! Don’t just grab the cacti, use the tongs!!
First, you are going to remove the pads of cacti. This can be done from cacti you already have, from a wild one, or even from a nice neighbor! First, put on gloves, and grab your tongs. With the tongs grab a pad and break it off of the main plant, aiming for a clean break (as pictured). You'll want to let where the cactus was pulled off callous over. Once it has, then it is ready to plant! Planting Fill up a pot, that is larger than your pad, with soil. Once filled, lay the pad on top of the soil, flat. If you stand them up, they will fall over, so just save yourself the trouble and start them on their side! Next, soak the soul, so it is fairly moist. Keep it this way for a few weeks as it will encourage your pad to take root! Once Roots Take Root: Once the roots have sprouted, you’ll want to slow the watering down. And as long as they get a lot of sunlight, you’ll see new pads on these ones within a few months! Now it’s time to go get your cactus on, and Habee planting!

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