Camp Yoga: Yoga retreat meets camp for adults

Camp Yoga: Yoga retreat meets camp for adults

Last week, our founder Carly traveled to Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado to attend Camp Yoga. Still on that camp high, here is a recap on what went down. First off, what is Camp Yoga? Imagine what it would be like to mix yoga, dream activities,Carly at Camp Yoga community, good vibes, and constant dance parties. What about all of that, plus breathtaking scenery and childlike freedom? You get Camp Yoga! Camp Yoga is a gathering of likeminded individuals looking to expand their minds, stretch their bodies and have a good time. From the constant yoga classes running on the schedule to activities like vision boarding, kettle bell classes and Mala beading, there’s something for everyone. Campers come looking to unwind, cut loose, and make friends. The vibes are high, the food is healthy, and they even have wine! Carly rocked Camp Yoga to further spread awareness on the importance of bees. No matter the destination, Camp Yoga always takes place on a beautiful campground in the wilderness. Many people don’t realize that without the bees, around 40% of wild plant life would be impacted. Without the wild plants, many wild animals would find it hard to survive. By attending Camp Yoga, and similar events, BKN is able to educate attendees on the importance of bees, and what wem as individuals and collectively, can do to help save them. During her workshop, Carly covered everything from the important role bees play for our planet to superfoods they make. The workshop ended with tips on how we can help our pollinators out and with some a tasting of beelicious hive goodies! On top of cool workshops, there were plenty of other activities to do like snowshoeing, black light yoga with pod headphones silent rave style, and rock climbing! FullSizeRender-2Wondering who attends such a magical place? Well, Are you a Yogi? Come. Are you a outdoor explorer? Come! Do you like to laugh? Come! Do you want to meet like minded people who love to get bendy, canoe out to watch the sunrise, or lift heavy kegs and then drink the beer that is in the kegs? Come. Unlike other camps and retreats that revolve around yoga, meditation or camping, camp yoga mixes a bunch of kickass activities, gets a bunch of outstanding  people to teach the activities, and then says “Hey, come hang out, you can take these classes if you want, if not, it’s cool. You can just hang out, look at the pretty mountains, meet cool ass people and eat really good food. You do you!” FullSizeRender-3Interested in going? Visit Camp Yoga’s website to learn more about upcoming retreats! Hope to bee seeing you there soon!camp3

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