You Da Bomb: Spread Some (seed) Love This Earth Day with Seed Bombs

You Da Bomb: Spread Some (seed) Love This Earth Day with Seed Bombs

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What better way to celebrate Earth week, than with some flower power! Bees and other pollinators do so much for our beautiful world. And, without them, we would lose over one third  of the world’s food supply and around 80-95% of the plants found in nature. Unfortunately, we humans don’t make a pollinator’s job very easy. Between pesticides, monocrop agriculture and weedless lawns, the pollinators are struggling,but, there is something you can do! You can spread some bee love with seed bombs! They’re made from a few simple ingredients, are a blast to make, and practically grow themselves. Once dispersed, these little bombs create a pollinator’s buffet of lush wildflower fields.   What you’ll need:
  • 1 bowl
  • 2-5 wild flower seed packets
  • Soil
  • Air dry clay
  • Water
The soil and wildflower seed packets can be found at any gardening or even most hardware stores. The air dry clay can be found at arts and crafts stores and some hardware stores. You are going to need about one part soil, one-part seeds, and three parts clay. Step 1: Add the seeds to your mixing bowl Step 2: Add the soil to the mixing bowl and mix the two together. You want to make sure they are evenly combined, aka you don’t want all the seeds in the bottom of the bowl! Step 3: Add in what looks like three parts clay to your bowl and combine the seeds and soil mix into the clay Step 4: Taking your time, add small bits of water to the bowl to help soften and combine everything Step 5: Once everything is molded together, begin taking pieces of the mixture and rolling it into small golf ball sized flower bombs. Step 6: After you have rolled all of the mix into flower bombs put them in a safe place to harden (we put ours in the pantry). This will take a few days. Step 7: BOMBS AWAY! Take these little guys with you on your daily commute and to hand out to friends. We put our hardened bombs in little paper bags so they are protected. Whenever you see a park, a green patch or a schoolyard, throw out a few bombs. The clay protects the seeds from predators and weather, while providing water to help the seeds grow within the bomb. With a little help from Mother Nature, the rain and sunlight will nourish the seeds and help them break through the bomb and into the soil! Voilà, a pollinator’s buffet!

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