Powered By Propolis With Hal Uveges

Powered By Propolis With Hal Uveges

Trainer and coach Halle Uveges jumped on the digital fitness train when the pandemic hit in early 2020—and she hasn't looked back. Here, she talks about going digital, finding her passion, and falling love with movement.

A series highlighting how our community uses BKN products to supercharge their workouts. Movement is pure medicine—and we’re big believers in good, clean, fun medicine.

Growing up, Hal never wanted her family’s trips to the beach to end. She craved the ocean—something she didn’t see much of in her Ohio hometown. In late 2019, Hal finally found a home near the sea. She packed her bags, settled in Southern California, and started teaching at a local fitness studio. 

Then came the pandemic. Virtually overnight, Hal had to take her training business online. She started shooting, editing, and posting her own HIIT-style workout videos and pretty soon, hundreds of people were showing up to work out “with” her. 

Q&A with Halle Uveges: trainer and fitness instructor

1. What role has movement played in your life? 

As a kid, I did not appreciate movement. I've really grown into it. I swam in high school and that was really my main sport, but I really didn't have a solid appreciation of movement. I swam because I was part of a team—not because I was seeking enjoyment from it.

Once I started college, I was like: "Okay, now what do I do? How can I stay active?" So I just started experimenting. I began to fall in love with the way movement made me feel. Exercise became a new outlet and trying new things made me feel strong. That love only builds and builds and builds.

2. How did you make your way to the west coast? 

So I grew up in a small town near Cleveland, Ohio—but I always dreamed of living by the ocean and moving somewhere warm. Just being by the water gave me this sense of home. A sense of peace. So I always had this dream of wanting to move out of Cleveland, but I didn't know how that would happen. So after going to college in Ohio, I felt very lost.

When I was a senior, all of my friends were going to college job fairs and interviewing with big companies. I was a marketing major, but I wasn’t interested in working for big company that I wasn't passionate about. After graduation, all of my friends got their full-time jobs and I graduated with nothing set up. I was weirdly content with it. I knew I’d figure something out, I just needed more time. I ended up finding a really small marketing agency led by an entrepreneur. I was her only employee and we ran social media and did marketing for local small businesses. It really allowed me to be creative and have a ton of flexibility with with my hours.

At the same time, I was really growing my love for fitness and I started teaching at a local fitness studio. I was also modeling for an agency on the side just for fun.

So I was working these three jobs, but wasn't super inspired  by any of their long term paths. So I really started thinking: How can I do something bigger, better, and maybe even on my own?

Suddenly, I was introduced to the field of coaching. I ended up going through a coaching program, quit my three jobs, and packed up to move out to California.

3. How did the pandemic shift your business model? 

I was teaching at a local studio in California when COVID-19 hit. The studio shut down and I was kind of like, "Well, what do I do now?" My boyfriend suggested I start filming workout videos and I was like, "No, that is so not me." Eventually, I did give it a try. I started with a live Zoom workout that really got me out of my comfort zone. After that, I filmed my first video. I soon realized that if I could help people, filming wasn't so bad. And so I kept filming! 

I started with five people who committed to training with me, and I built out the program as we went. Every day, I would film, edit, post, and the design the program for the next day. We built a virtual community to empower and hold each other accountable. In the end, there were over 50 people who had gone all the way through the program with me. 

4. How does Beekeeper's Naturals play a role in your daily routine? 

The Beekeeper’s Naturals Throat Spray is my favorite thing. When I'm working out and filming, it takes a toll on my immune system. I really love the throat spray because I feel like it gives me the immune support that I need. 

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