Going Against the Flow?

Going Against the Flow?

There has been a lot of buzz about the Flow Hive (the most successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo…ever) this past year. The flow hive dramatically improves the convenience of harvesting honey by essentially creating a honey tap (because who doesn’t fantasize about sticking their head under a honey fountain?). The creators contend that this process will be less disruptive to the hive but with all new technology comes polarizing views and many long time beekeepers have their concerns. We are big on keeping you informed and that means exposing our awesome community to all sides and opinions so you can gather info and form your own. In this article we have the talented Renee Ricciardi as our guest who explores the debate in her piece Paddling Upstream: Thoughts on Going Against ‘The Flow’. Renée is a Boston based artist, photographer, and naturalistic beekeeper and spent six months living with beekeepers in 13 regions of Italy for her ‘Bees in Italy’ project. Enjoy Renee’s take on the flow hive and let us know your thoughts!

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