Here's What It Takes to *BEAT* Jet Lag

Here's What It Takes to *BEAT* Jet Lag

Traveling is awesome. Jet lag isn’t. In fact, the time it takes to recover from jet lag can put a serious damper on your travels.     

But have you ever wondered what actually causes the fogginess, weakened immunity, and sleep issues that come with jet lag? Technically, jet lag is a disturbance in your natural circadian rhythms. When we cross multiple zones in a short period of time, we lose sync and our bodies get confused as to whether it’s day or night. (Our bodies unfortunately don’t auto adjust like our phones do.) Inevitably, our hormonal balance gets thrown way off (especially sleep-inducing melatonin levels). The results? Brain fog, exhaustion, cravings, weakened immunity, insomnia, digestive issues, and more. It definitely sucks some of the joy out of traveling.    

But you don’t have to suffer with jet lag. By consciously upping your self-care on your travel days (with the help of a few select hive superfoods, of course), you can ditch jet lag before it even starts and really make the most out of your travels. Here’s our anti-jet lag wellness prescription for those long travel days:       


Pack your headphones and preload your phone with some good music, guided meditations, and compelling audiobooks and podcasts. Plan ahead and choose to listen to things that stimulate your mind while putting you at ease. Since air travel is inherently stressful on the body, you want to allow yourself to feel as relaxed as possible.    

Right before you head to the airport, take 4+ spritzes of Propolis Spray to up your antioxidants and help you fortify against all the germs and stressors that come with airline travel. Jet lag can result in weakened immunity, so if you don’t want to spend part of your trip in bed with the sniffles, Propolis Spray is an absolute necessity. 


Air travel is incredibly dehydrating, so your mission during a long flight should be to stay as hydrated as possible. If you care about the environment, pack an empty reusable water bottle through security. Most airports have bottle fill-up stations in the terminals—or you can ask the flight attendant to fill your bottle up during the flight (rather than wasting a bunch of tiny plastic cups or single-use water bottles).

*Pro tip: Add a slice of fresh lemon to your empty bottle. That way, as you continue hydrating throughout your travels, every sip is infused with a refreshing and energizing burst of vitamin C!       


When you’re crossing through multiple time zones and you really can’t afford to get slowed down by jet lag, B.LXR Brain Fuel is a lifesaver. The royal jelly and plant adaptogens in B.LXR help to nourish the brain, support sustained focus, and cut through the brain fog. That's right, you can perform at your highest right when you step off the runway—with a little natural nootropic support.                  

Before Bed

Traveling is exhausting, but jet lag can make it tough to unwind and get to bed. Packing a stick or two of B.Chill Hemp Honey in your bag can be a powerful ally when it comes to optimizing sleep and crushing any lingering stress from the day.  

Also, don't be afraid to treat yourself to a little luxury with an on-the-go self-care kit. Pack a tote with some comfort essentials—like a quality sleep mask and some travel-sized essential oil roll-ons. French lavender essential oil has actually been shown to possess the unique ability to slow down brain waves (which increases deep sleep) and reduce stress. It’s the perfect thing for when you're feeling exhausted but can’t seem to shut down and get some rest.       

Let's be real for a minute. Air travel is stressful, so your body is always going to need a little recovery T.L.C. But you don't have to suffer with jet lag. Create your own travel wellness prescription and self-care ritual, and you can always have your best. flight. ever.  

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