Our Latest Spring Food Obsessions

Our Latest Spring Food Obsessions

We searched high and low to bring you the most buzz-generating, insta worthy trends this Spring! Get ready for all kinds of color and flavor! Golden Milk Lattes B.LXRnutbar-0496 Say “bye” to Java Joe, liquid gold is the new way to start your morning. Golden milk turmeric lattes are taking coffee shops by storm, including Starbucks! Why is this gold drink buzz-worthy? The main ingredient, turmeric, is anti-inflammatory (unlike coffee that can actually inflame your gut… ew!). Turmeric is great for brain function and even promotes a healthy digestion, so it’s the perfect way to start your day! Wondering how they are made? It’s pretty simple, fresh turmeric juice is mixed with nut milk and sweetened (often with honey). Then, this golden milk is used as a replacement for regular milk in your coffee, latte, or chai latte. Magic Toast Beepowered-7789 What started as an artistic twist to cream cheese has now turned into an IG craze. Mermaid and unicorn toast is popping up on everyone’s feed, but it doesn’t stop at cream cheese.The craze has used everything from colored cream cheese on toast all the way to vegan nut cheese on sweet potato slices. The coolest part? These colors are from natural sources, like beets or blueberries. Just look up the hashtag #unicorntoast and get ready to want to taste the rainbow! Buddha Bowls Also known as hippie or glory bowls, these dishes have replaced the boring old salad. What are Buddha bowls? The vegan rockstar, Alexandra Lein describes it as “ a nourishing meal that’s just little bites of everything”. Just think a bowl full of vibrant colored whole food. Buddha bowls are vegetarian and vegan, for the most part, with many opting for tofu or a fried egg instead of grilled chicken or fish as their main protein source. Inspired by this healthy and delicious trend, we created our own Buddha Bowl, but of course, we called it something a little different!

Bee-da Best Bowl

Ingredients: Roasted (optional, you can keep them raw) ½ cup of cauliflower (we opted for a colored cauliflower because it made the bowl so much more vibrant) ¼ red onion, sliced 2 cloves of garlic, diced ¼ sweet potato, cubed (4 oz approx) Pinch of curry spice Raw 1 watermelon radish, sliced 1/4 a cucumber, or one mini cucumber, sliced 1 zucchini, spiralized = zoodles! 1/2 avocado sliced into a rose Topping Sunflower seeds Bee pollen Protein Fried egg or tempeh Broccoli sprouts Dressing 1 teaspoon of sweet clover honey ¼ cup tahini 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon of avocado oil Squirt of half a lemon ¼ Tsp salt Steps: Chop all the ingredients listed in the roasted section above. On a pan, lay each ingredient separately, cover in avocado oil, and sprinkle with curry powder. Roast for 20- 30 min or until tender. Next, spiralize your zucchini and add the zoodles to your bowl, then add each of the ingredients, both roasted and raw, to the bowl in sections, except the avocado. Add your protein here if you would like! Dressing Mix the dressing ingredients together and then drizzle, in a pretty zig zag pattern, across your bowl. After you apply the dressing, place the avocado rose in the center of the bowl. Finally, you are going to top it like it’s hot with all your favorite toppings, like bee pollen, sprouts, and sunflower seeds. Now you are going to mix that baby up and enjoy it!

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