Meet Some of the Amazing Queen Bees in Our Hive!

Meet Some of the Amazing Queen Bees in Our Hive!

When we say our hive team is amazing, we’re really not exaggerating. The BKN team is packed with so many incredibly talented and passionate people—and our ladies are no exception. Much like a beehive, we have some pretty fierce females working behind the scenes! 

In honor of International Women’s Month and our  #myQueenBee🐝 campaign, we thought we'd take this opportunity to share just how inspiring, empowered, and supportive some of our resident queen bees truly are. So, without further adieu, introducing three of our powerhouse hive ladies: Jeneé Mullings, Cat Davis, and Dahlia Duncan-Busby!    

Jeneé Mullings, customer care team  

How do you rock your femininity?
  • My femininity is in my softness; in the daily permission I give myself to be warm and light. I work to embody a kindness that accepts, and that gives room for continual growth without rigid expectations. 
Who is your #myQueenBee🐝?
  • Phylicia Rashad — Mrs. Huxtable practically raised me!!  
Fave self-care rituals?
  • baking banana bread, hot oil hair treatments, dry brushing  
3 words to describe yourself?
  • curious, passionate, loving
What Dahlia & Cat have to say about Jeneé:  
Dahlia: Jeneé is honest, caring, passionate—a force to be reckoned with!
Cat: Jeneé is the warmest, most loving, nurturing, and kind woman.

Cat Davis, creative director   

How do you rock your femininity?
  • Working out and moving! Soul Cycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, vinyasa yoga, surfing, all of it! Feeling strong and empowered in my body makes me feel like I can take on any challenge.
Who is your #myQueenBee🐝?
  • Sylvia Earle—marine biologist, author, National Geographic explorer-in-residence, and passionate environmental advocate. She is such an inspiration (and a total badass).   
Fave self-care rituals?
  • yoga, B.Powered face masks, carving out time to spend in nature  
3 words to describe yourself?
  • resilient, adventurous, passionate
What Dahlia & Jeneé have to say about Cat: 
Dahlia: Cat uses her imagination to make dreams come to real life. She crushes.
Jeneé: Cat is a beautiful unicorn. Such depth and yet super light-hearted. A kindred soul!   

Dahlia Duncan-Busby, warehouse sensei    

How do you rock your femininity?
  • Running a section of the company that is usually male dominated makes me feel super empowered. I can literally take on anything that is thrown my way because of how confident I am becoming through this role.
Who is your #myQueenBee🐝?
  • Stacy Brumble—Mother of five, long time business owner (25 years), Toronto native, my mother.  
Fave self-care rituals?
  • bath time with essential oils, cooking, blasting my fave tunes :)  
3 words to describe yourself?
  • powerful, caring, spontaneous

What Cat & Jeneé have to say about Dahlia:

Cat: Dahlia chooses to take charge of and creates her own reality. She is a force of nature!
Jeneé: Dahlia is refreshingly original, has big open heart, and is fierce in leading her team.

Our hive is packed with so many powerful queen bees! Who's your #myQueenBee🐝? 

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