In the News: July Edition

In the News: July Edition

Parliament to Produce Honey Down Under Parliament is getting into the honey business. Three beehives have been installed in the grounds around Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra. The hives are hopped to produce honey, which will be for sale in the shop and will also be given as a gift for visiting dignitaries. Sounds like a sweet gift!   Landmark Study Shows Mass Impact of Pesticides on Bees New research, published in the peer-review journal, Science, is causing the pesticide companies to really pay attention. The world’s largest ever field trial shows how the use of insecticides does harm both honeybees and wild bees. This research shows now more than ever how important the pesticide band is. The work provides evidence for regulators around the world who are considering action against neonicotinoids. This includes the EU, a place that is considering a total ban this Autumn.   Don’t Step on A Bee Day People are talking to Twitter to help save the bees! How are they doing this? Through don’t step on a bee day. That’s right people are tweeting ways to save the bees, in efforts to let people know the importance of these pollinators. Use the hashtag #dontsteponabeeday to join in the cause!   Cover Crops for a Bee Buffet Currently, the primary crops on P.E.I. are potatoes, cereals, and soybeans. While successful cash crops, these crops do not provide adequate food for our pollinators. But P.E.I is in for a change! The solution? Cover crops. Planting crops in these cover cropping systems will provide food for the pollinators without changing the farmer’s business model. Plants such as clovers, alfalfa, birdsfoot trefoil, chicory, and phacelia would be planted, with the goal being to measure how much honey the bees create when they're fed fully.   Dandy Dandelions Beekeeper’s Association is urging citizens to keep their garden’s dandelions! Though considered a weed, dandelions are one of the first food sources the bees have access to in the spring, making them an important part of our pollinator’s diets. You may like your green lawn, but by keeping just a small perimeter around your yard of these yellow flowers, you will bee making a big difference for our beesties.

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