In the News: March Edition

In the News: March Edition

Rusty Patched Bumble Bee trumps Trump The Trump administration may of slowed down the process, but the rusty patched bumble has officially made it to the endangered list and is now federally protected! This protection came just in time too. It’s said that the endangered listing is the only thing saving these pollinators from going completely extinct! It isn’t all sweet though. President Donald Trump has said that the country’s environmental rules are “out of control.” This comes with the rumors of talks of changes that would make it harder to list a new species and even make it faster to remove species that are listed have surfaced. *Sigh*... But for now, the rusty patched bumble bee is safe, and that is a beeutiful thing. Bee Strong In the latest buzz worthy video that has come across our news feed, the bumble bee takes center stage to display some serious brain power! Honey bees are known for their ability to shake their booty to explain where the sweetest flowers is, i.e the waggle dance, but the latest research shows bees can actually learn how to do from each other! Who knew small brains could still mean big smarts!1029165_1_0224-bumblebee-ball_standard Europe Takes Flight to Ban Bee Killing Pesticides Europe has drafted a regulation that, if passed, would ban the use of the world’s most widely used pesticide! While it still has to be accepted, the ban proposed by the EC could come into action as early as this year and would include discontinuing use of both imidacloprid and clothianidin, insecticide manufactured by Bayer. With such a huge stand being made, hope for the same action in North America has sparked! Corporate Greed Turned Corporate Seed In efforts to help save our pollinators, a big corporation is making even bigger moves! In efforts to save the bees, a major component in their business, the big guns behind Honey Nut Cheerios will send you a packet of wildflowers for free! The mix includes Wallflower, Poppy, Coneflower, Aster and many more types of wildflowers, all great food sources for our bees! How do you get some sent to you? Just sign up here! pexels-photo-51548

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The Bitter Side of Sugar Labels

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Unveiled: Interview With Ben Moore

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