Q+A with the Co-Founder of Vapour Beauty

Q+A with the Co-Founder of Vapour Beauty

Krysia Boinis is the co-founder of Vapour Beauty—the conscious natural beauty brand that's leading the way in clean cosmetics. Make sure to scroll down for a 20% discount code on your next Vapour Beauty order!   

1. What inspired you to create Vapour Beauty?

Vapour grew out of our personal need for clean color cosmetics. Ten years ago, there was nothing ‘clean’ that Kristine or I enjoyed using, and continuing to wear potentially toxic conventional products became completely unacceptable. So we took our combined decades of experience in natural skincare development and focused on creating clean makeup that would satisfy our desire for beautiful textures and versatile color. We soon realized we were designing super products that could actually replace the prestige brands that we had been using – without compromising on performance. 

2. What’s your clean product philosophy? Why should we care about what’s inside our beauty products?  

Our goal is to elevate you with plant-powered color that performs and nurtures your skin.  We are committed to ingredient purity, sustainability, inclusivity and wellness that comes from the heart ❤️.  

Since a large portion of what you apply to your skin is absorbed, we don’t play games with questionable ingredients like dimethicone, phenoxyethanol, bismuth oxychloride and FD&C or Lake pigments (like some other “clean” color brands). Instead, we choose ingredients that are organically farmed, naturally derived and minimally processed – and full of high-vibe plant potency.

3. What’s your go-to Vapour product and BKN product—and why?

If your skin looks great, you look great. Right now, I’m loving our Essential Daily Primer which is a lightweight and nourishing skin treat with Baobab, Cranberry and Ginger. I pair it with our beloved Soft Focus Foundation which gives my skin the look of inner luminosity and the truly super-natural finish Vapour is known for. With this combination, I get endless compliments on my skin (not my makeup).

I’m super sensitive to caffeine so coffee has never been an option. For years I’ve searched for a nourishing alternative and was excited to discover B.LXR Brain Fuel in our local health food store last winter. I’m grateful for the concentrated energy boost without the debilitating crash.  It’s become my go-to before all live digital events and important meetings.  B.LXR is that extra pick-me-up that helps me stay focused and clear. Powered with Royal Jelly and Ginkgo it supports me when I need it most.    

4. Why do you believe it is important to support female-founded businesses?  

More and more women are successfully breaking through barriers and building innovative and successful companies, but women are still underrepresented in terms of business ownership, access to loans and venture-funding. To me, supporting female-founded business is about making opportunity available, giving voice to and rewarding women who are working to bring value to society and helping to shape the way young girls see themselves and their futures.

5. What's the one piece of advice you wish you could share with all women? 

Do what you love... Dream bigger than what you can imagine is possible. Trust your instincts and follow your passion. Turn mistakes into learning opportunities. Do not be afraid to fail. Surround yourself with supportive people. Ask for feedback. Know that the journey is worth it because the world needs your unique perspectives and gifts.

6. What’s your personal mantra/philosophy/outlook?  

Focus on the good stuff. Years ago, I came to understand the real benefit of being positive when I was faced with a life-threatening stage 3 cancer diagnosis. I wanted to apply everything I could to help myself heal. Today, over ten years cancer free, I find that what I give attention to amplifies in my life and shapes my mood, self-confidence and creativity. When I choose to focus on the upside of whatever life throws my way, it has the effect of bringing me into the moment and helping me be happy now. 

Head over to vapourbeauty.com to check out our partner Q+A with BKN founder Carly Stein! 

And make sure to take 20% off your next Vapour Beauty order with the code: BKBV20 

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