Snacking to Save the Bees with Purely Elizabeth

Snacking to Save the Bees with Purely Elizabeth

Like peanut butter to jelly, bee pollen and granola are a match made in heaven. We’ve  partnered with our fav granola gals over at Purely Elizabeth to offer a buzz-worthy package.

What’s in the bundle?

Each bundle contains one limited edition package of Purely Elizabeth’s Grainfree coconut cashew granola and a jar of Beekeeper’s Naturals bee pollen!

The best part?

Profits from each bee bundle sold will be donated to the Davis Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility, the leading research group for bees in the U.S. Pretty sweet deal right?!You get some beelicious snacks and you help save our precious pollinators.

Why are we partnering with Purely Elizabeth?

While bees make bee pollen, and other hive superfoods that we all love, they also play a major role in the pollination of our favorite nutrient dense foods! Without bees, we wouldn’t have coconuts, almonds and many other nuts, as well as berries, all of which are essential to making Purely Elizabeth’s granolas so tasty! By working together, we can help protect our pollinators, and ensure that our favorite snacks and toppings don’t go away too!

What makes bee pollen so special?

Bee pollen is known as the bee’s multivitamin and is considered one of nature’s most nourishing foods. It contains almost all nutrients that we require by humans. Need an energy boost? Bee pollen is full of essential vitamins, like vitamin B, which promotes boosts in energy! Finding it hard to get your protein intake? Bee pollen is a complete protein, which means it has all the essential amino acids needed to create a protein source easily used by your body. Amino acids also help with muscle recovery, and so bee pollen is also great post workout snack! Now that we’ve got you all excited about bee pollen and granola, here’s our favorite way to eat our two favorite snacks for breakfast!

Purely Beelicious Parfait

Ingredients 1 cup coconut yogurt ⅓ cup Purely Elizabeth's Grain free coconut cashew granola ½ cup berries Toppings Hemp Hearts Bee Pollen Berries Raw honey Add ¼ cup of your yogurt into a mason. Cover with granola, then top with berries. Repeat layers until you have reached the top. Top it like it’s hot with your favorite toppings, take a pic, and dig in!

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