How Yoga Teacher Stevie Vance Powers Her Practice With Hive Ingredients

How Yoga Teacher Stevie Vance Powers Her Practice With Hive Ingredients

Stevie Vance, 200-hour certified yoga teacher and certified integrative health coach loves to spin, practice yoga, and tune into what her body really needs every step of the way. Learn how she use Beekeeper's Naturals formulas to power her movement.

Welcome to Hive Fueled, a series where we highlight how our community uses BKN products to supercharge the way they work out. Whether you’re a dancer or a CrossFitter, a runner or a hula-hooper, movement is pure medicine. And we’re big believers in good, clean, fun medicine.

Meet Stevie Vance, 200-hour certified yoga teacher, certified integrative health coach, and owner of Balanced Lemon. As you might guess from the pictures, Stevie loves to spin, practice yoga, and tune into what her body really needs every step of the way. Below, she tells us how BKN formulas power her movement, the yoga pose she could never live without, and the song that makes her bust a move every single time. 

Stevie’s Get-Moving Fuel: B.LXR + Bee Pollen 

The B.LXR and one teaspoon of Raw Bee Pollen are definitely my pre-workout game changer. Combined, they help me to dial into a workout and focus without feeling jittery. I also choose to take the B.LXR pre-movement because I know its adaptogenic properties can help my body to adapt to stress. Even if it’s an “enjoyable” stress, exercising is still stress to the body.

Stevie’s Recovery Magic Formula: B.Pollen + B.Powered Superfood honey

A teaspoon of each offers minerals, protein, amino acids, and B vitamins—so I’m getting everything I need to help my body recover, build muscle, and keep me energized without spiking my blood sugar. (That’s called winning in my book!).

Q&A with Stevie Vance

1. What are your favorite ways to move—and why?

Without a doubt, my favorite ways to move are intuitive movements that are synced with my cycle. During phases where I have more energy, I enjoy cycling (spin), HIIT, and strength training. When I am craving a little less intensity and experiencing lower energy phases, I enjoy power yoga, slow flow yogas, and pilates.

I’m basically using these types of movement during certain phases of my cycle to biohack my brain and body into feeling good by working synergistically. It’s incredibly mentally rewarding and it just feels good to challenge myself at times when I need it and take it slow and easy during times when my body needs that instead.

2. If you could only do one yoga pose for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Haha, this is tough! I’d have to say, half pigeon pose (Ardha Kapotasana). It’s traditionally one of the cooling poses in my yoga classes because it allows opening the hips, where a lot of people hold stress. It can also promote feelings of strength, confidence, and safety depending on how a yogi presents their chest (straight forward, high and proud, or collapsed over their knee and head bowed). I’d want to be able to have the option to feel either of those ways in my body and Arch Kapotasana embodies that for me.

3. Favorite BKN product?

B.LXR. I’m incredibly sensitive to stimulants and this product has a powerful effect on my memory and focus without any undesirable effects like I have with caffeine/stimulant based “focus” products on the market. As someone who is literally doing 500 things at one time —blogging, teaching yoga, health coaching clients, trying to stay up to date with SEO, having a personal life to name a few—I need my memory to be sharp, maintain energy and be laser focused. The B.LXR does this for me.

4. Go-to workout jam? 

“She Bad” by Tyla Yaweh. It’s honestly just my favorite song, period. It speaks to me. Whether I’m working out, dancing, or just living, it gets a smile on my face and ignites the feeling that I can do anything.

5. Stevie, why do you move?

Because it feels good and I enjoy it. Honoring my body and doing workouts I enjoy feels good. I think that is the key, to do movement that one enjoys. I think that is the best thing anyone can do, then it becomes a “want” rather than a “have to/punishment”.

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