Travel Well at 40,000 Feet with These Essential Hacks

Travel Well at 40,000 Feet with These Essential Hacks

“I can’t wait to get on that airplane” said no one, ever. Between terrifying TSA lines, $10 waters, and that fellow passenger sneezing up a storm, air travel can really take it out of you. 

Knowing how to prepare and take care of your body (as it literally flies through the sky) is no small feat. Packing supplements and snacks to last the journey is trickier now that the ‘3 oz rule' reigns supreme and carry-on luggage is king.

So what’s a healthy traveler to do? You can prep with these essential travel hacks, and get ready for take-off…    

Drier Than A Desert 

Feeling fatigued after a long flight? The culprit is likely dehydration. Humidity in the cabin can drop as low as 10%, which is even lower than the humidity in the Sahara Desert (which hangs around 25%, for context). The lack of humidity coupled with oxygen-deficient air can cause dry skin, lips, and hair. It can also dry your nose and throat out, squelching your mucous’ ability to protect against unwanted germs. 

The Aerospace Medical Association suggests drinking 8 ounces of water for every hour of air time. Yep. Expect to make a lot of bathroom runs if you want to stay hydrated. Sitting in a window seat? If your flight is less than 4 hours, you’re less susceptible to dehydration, so it’s okay to wait to really drink up until after you deplane (you know, to save your aisle partner the trouble of getting up for your constant bathroom trips).   

Also, try to limit your intake to 1 alcoholic drink per flightand always pair it with a cup of water. Or you could eschew the booze and add some lemon to your bottled water to perk up the flavor, while swirling in some precious Vitamin C.                      

Sneeze Support 

Air travel is like a game of germ roulette. Seated near a sick passenger? Womp womp, you lose. 

Stress, germy surfaces, and dehydration can team up to take your immunity down. That’s why a natural supplement—like our TSA-approved Propolis Sprayis the ultimate defense. Every bottle contains hundreds of powerful natural compounds to help keep sneaky germs at bay. Plus, organic green juice powders are a nutritious wonder for your immune system, skin, and stomach when you're in the sky (plus you can easily pack extras in your suitcase for the flight home!). 

Beat Jet Lag 

Nothing is worse than arriving at your dream destination with a pounding head, feeling deeply exhausted, and suffering from a major bout of brain fog. That why we always pack a vial of B.LXR Brain Fuel in our carry-ons. Royal jelly contains powerful fatty acids that fuel the brain, while bacopa and ginkgo help fight the damaging effects of stress in your cranium.  

Another good tactic to feel reinvigorated after a long flight is to rub a few drops of natural essential oil on your temples and chest. The scents of peppermint and grapefruit are surprisingly stimulating, while oregano oil is a natural germ fighter. Just remember to dilute pure essential oils in a plant-based carrier, like avocado, almond or jojoba, to prevent irritation.     

Salt, Fast, Acid, Heat 

Airplane food has thankfully progressed beyond oversalted peanuts. While the less-than-ideal offerings of salty, fatty and sugary snacks still abound, many airlines now carry ‘healthier’ offerings, too—hooray! But the best solution is to always bring your own clean and nutritious food. (Hello, carrot sticks, hummus snacks packs, grass-fed jerky, and really good chocolate.)

On the opposite side of things, many frequent travelers have adopted the process of fasting to cope with the digestive havoc caused by rocketing through multiple time zones. Fasting and ‘resetting’ your body’s internal clock may help diminish jet lag, boost energy, and avoid disruptions in metabolism. (But definitely consult your healthcare pro before trying any form of fasting.)    

If fasting isn’t your style, sticking to low fiber foods like rice, potatoes, eggs, and well-cooked vegetables can also ease digestion.        

Antioxidants for ‘Opting Out’

If the full-body scanners at the airport scare you, you’re not alone. The environmental issues at play for frequent travelers are numerous (and still being researched). A recent study from JAMA Dermatology showed that airline crew members have roughly double the incidences of melanoma compared to the average passenger. (Yikes.) This isn’t just from the body scanners. In fact, air travel exposes all of us to small doses of UV rays and cosmic radiation. If you’re a frequent flyer, the added protection in the form of antioxidants certainly can’t hurt.  

Remember those 300 compounds in propolis? Most of those are polyphenols, aka antioxidant powerhouses that can help combat the free radical damage you encounter during air travel. Spritz your Propolis Spray liberally and frequently to help you body fight all that oxidative damage.    

Stay Calm & Carry On

Does air travel stress you out? Go on the offense by packing a couple B.Chill Sticks in your carry-on. Raw honey and hemp are both powerful soothers, and they're experts at helping you fall asleep after a long travel day—no matter how many time zones you've charged through. (Or take it at the start of a red-eye to help you decompress after the crazy TSA lines and catch some shut eye so you're not a mess on arrival.)   

Also try packing a few single packs of epsom salts for a post-plane bath. Epsom salt baths are a great source of magnesium, which helps the body mitigate stress and feel more relaxed. Plus, how luxurious to take a bath as soon as you get to your destination!  

While there’s no way to guarantee a stress-free travel day, you can get your body into fighting shape with a few smart packing tricks. Whether you’re flying for an important business meeting or your first Christmas with the in-laws, these hacks will help you hit the ground running (with glowing skin and a smile, to boot).  

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