Our Clinical Results:

More than half of participants reported improvements in gut health, bloating, and digestion within 5-7 days.

After Using Complete Gut Health For 28 Days*:


felt a decrease in bloating


experienced less gas


noticed a reduction in heartburn


had less stomach pain and discomfort

*We conducted a single-arm observational study on Complete Gut Health over a 28-day period with 34 participants experiencing at least one of the following symptoms: regular bloating/gas, irregular bowel movements, heartburn, or poor digestive health.


[SOURCE: Propolis]

Feed existing good bacteria in the gut.

Delivers antioxidants, like polyphenols and flavonoids, that support intestinal barrier function and protect against oxidative stress.


The recommended dose of 3-in-1 Complete Gut Health is two capsules per day. You can take two capsules at once, or break up the dosage and take them at different points in your day. Our 3-in-1 Complete Gut Health can be taken with or without food and can be stored at room temperature.

The capsules can be broken open and combined with food or drink. You may notice a distinctive taste and smell once the capsule is open -- this is expected.

Our 3-in-1 Complete Gut Health is a powerful probiotic product for adults 18+. For anyone younger than 18, we recommend speaking to a healthcare professional before use.

When you purchase the gut health subscription starter kit, you’ll receive the Complete Gut Health jar, BKN travel pill tube, mesh pouch, Propolis Throat Spray (15mL), and 5 individual packets of Vitamin C + Propolis Liposomal in your first order.

Every 30 days afterwards, you’ll receive a 30 day supply of Complete Gut Health in a sustainable refill pouch. You can skip, modify, or cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll enjoy 15% off the full retail price of $44.99 plus free shipping on every subscription order. 


When you subscribe, you'll receive the Gut Health Starter Kit in your first order. Every shipment after, you’ll receive a recyclable pouch (60 capsules) to refill your jar.