3-in-1 Complete Gut Health

Sale price$ 44.99
3-in-1 Complete Gut Health
3-in-1 Complete Gut Health
3-in-1 Complete Gut Health
3-in-1 Complete Gut Health
3-in-1 Complete Gut Health
3-in-1 Complete Gut Health
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3-in-1 Complete Gut Health

Sale price$ 44.99

Our proprietary 3-in-1 formula delivers pre-, pro-, and postbiotics to support the growth of good gut bacteria, increase microbiome diversity, and strengthen the gut lining for whole-body health. Each dose contains Propolis, Tributyrin, and two probiotic strains— Bacillus Coagulans SC 208 and Bacillus Subtilis HU58— to promote digestive regularity and fortify immune response.

30 Day Supply (60 Capsules)

3-in-1 Complete Gut Health

What is Propolis?

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Take two capsules per day, with or without food. Use daily for the best results. No refrigeration required.

Complete Gut Health can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 years.

Tributyrin (as CoreBiome), Propolis Extract, Probiotics Blend (Bacillus subtilis HU58 and Bacillus coagulans SC-208), Vegetable Capsule (vegetable cellulose), Rice Hull Concentrate.

Q. How do I take the capsules (same time, 1 capsule 2x a day, etc)?

A. The recommended dose of 3-in-1 Complete Gut Health is two capsules per day. You can take two capsules at once, or break up the dosage and take them at different points in your day. Our 3-in-1 Complete Gut Health can be taken with or without food and can be stored at room temperature.

Q. What is the dosage?

A. The recommended dose of 3-in-1 Complete Gut Health is two capsules per day.

Q. Can the capsules be broken open to take?

A. The capsules can be broken open and combined with food or drink. You may notice a distinctive taste and smell once the capsule is open -- this is expected.

Q. What is the age minimum? A. Our 3-in-1 Complete Gut Health is a powerful probiotic product for adults 18+. For anyone younger than 18, we recommend speaking to a healthcare professional before use.

The New Scientific Standard Of Gut Health

Our clinically-studied* 3-in-1 formula goes beyond the gut

Mitigates Bloat

Regulates the normal inflammatory response in the gut which can be caused by food sensitivities and intestinal gas.

Strengthens Gut Barrier

Strengthens your gut lining to decrease intestinal permeability and support your body’s barriers for defense.

Maintains Digestive Regularity

Supports waste elimination and healthy bowel movements.

Balances the Microbiome

Supports beneficial gut bacteria and microbial diversity, because the gut impacts nearly all of our internal systems are impacted by our gut, including our brain, heart, and skin.

Supports Brain Function

Gut bacteria produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, which impact mood, focus, and motivation.

Supports Skin Health

A balanced microbiome helps regulate skin irritation and breakouts.

Supports the Immune System

Your gut contains ~70% of your immune cells. A balanced microbiome promotes strong immune defenses and supports recovery.


[SOURCE: Propolis]

Feed existing good bacteria in the gut.

Delivers antioxidants, like polyphenols and flavonoids, that support intestinal barrier function and protect against oxidative stress.


With every subscription, you’ll receive a 30-Day supply of Gut Health in a glass jar with an exclusive travel case. Every shipment after,  you’ll receive a recyclable pouch to refill your jar.



Our team is made up of doctors, nutritionists, and health experts who help guide our innovation, formulation, clinical research, and customer education to ensure the highest quality and efficacy of our products.

Dr. Danny Clark


Dr. Tiffany Lester

Functional MD

Mona Sharma

Celebrity Nutritionist

Our Clinical Results*:

More than half of participants reported improvements in gut health, bloating, and digestion within 5-7 days.

After Using Complete Gut Health For 28 Days*:


felt a decrease in bloating


had less stomach pain and discomfort


noticed a reduction in heartburn


experienced less gas


observed improved mental clarity


reported improved sleep quality

*We conducted a single-arm observational study on Complete Gut Health over a 28-day period with 34 participants experiencing at least one of the following symptoms: regular bloating/gas, irregular bowel movements, heartburn, or poor digestive health.


We source the highest-quality ingredients and we never water them down with artificial extras. We borrow from nature’s pharmacy. Pure and simple.

Bee Propolis

Delivers antioxidants, like polyphenols and flavonoids, that improve intestinal barrier function and protect against oxidative stress.


Bacillus Coagulans SC 208 and Bacillus Subtilis HU58, two of the most well-studied probiotic strains, can increase microbial diversity in the gut and support the immune system. These spore-based probiotic strains are shelf stable and able to survive the journey to the colon without the need for an engineered capsule.


Propolis is the defender of the hive. Bees use it to line the walls and keep germs out. We use it to support our immune systems, soothe scratchy throats, combat free radical damage in the body, and feed the good bacteria in our gut.

Vitamins B, C & D



Polyphenols & Flavonoids


We love to talk about sourcing. All of our products come from remote apiaries located far from harmful chemicals, including locations in Canada, Europe, and South America. We work with our apiary partners to ensure that our bee products are sustainably-sourced and of the highest quality. We always put the health of the bees first.

Every third bite of food you eat comes from the bees. Without them, we’d lose apples, almonds, cucumbers, blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower, and more if the bees disappear. And that’s just one of the many consequences of losing our buzzing yellow friends.

There is rarely a correlation between allergies to bee stings (bee venom) and bee products. However, we always recommend consulting with a health professional in situations like this. Your safety is our number-one priority.

Our products are not certified organic, but we do third-party test all of our formulas for pesticides and heavy metals to ensure that we only bottle the very best ingredients.

Because bees fly and forage from areas far outside the certified organic radius, this certification doesn't have the same importance when you’re buying bee products as it does when you’re buying produce. What’s more, most small, sustainable beekeepers can't afford the certification process. The larger, commercial beekeepers who can pay for the certification don’t always practice sustainable beekeeping or treat their bees like family (as we do). Consider that food for thought next time you’re buying honey or clean medicines made with honey.

We have many parents in our community who love our products and find them beneficial throughout their motherhood journey. That said, everyone is different and as with most supplements, we recommend consulting your healthcare professional before taking any of our products during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.