Royal Jelly Brain Fuel

Sale price$ 19.99
Royal Jelly Brain Fuel
Royal Jelly Brain Fuel
Royal Jelly Brain Fuel
Royal Jelly Brain Fuel
Royal Jelly Brain Fuel
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Royal Jelly Brain Fuel

Sale price$ 19.99

Unlock your full brain potential and find your flow with these potent, plant-based adaptogens.


Royal Jelly Brain Fuel

What is Propolis?

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Begin with ½ a vial each day and increase to 1 vial daily to support mental clarity.

Known adverse reactions: Consult your health care practitioner prior to use if you are allergic to royal jelly or bee products. As with any supplement, if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication, consult with your physician before use.

Royal jelly, bacopa monnieri plant extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, vegetable glycerin, and purified water

Certified keto and paleo. Gluten-free and soy-free. Always free of artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, alcohol, GMOs, and refined sugars.


  • This proprietary formula combines royal jelly with plant-based adaptogens, bacopa monnieri and ginkgo biloba to support brain health, improve cognitive function and mental clarity
  • Each vial contains 500mg of royal jelly - the exclusive food of the queen bee - and is known to improve cognitive function
  • Bacopa Monnieri, an adaptogenic plant, is known to enhance brain function by supporting the brain’s ability to learn and retain information
  • Ginkgo Biloba, an extract from a tree used for centuries, boosts blood flow to the brain and may help with learning, focus, and memory

Use for

Beating The 3pm Slump

A Caffeine-Free Boost Of Energy

Getting Into Flow State

Early Mornings/Late Nights

A Boost Of Creativity

Mental Clarity

Build a Routine: Follow up your Royal Jelly Brain Fuel with a spoonful of Superfood Honey to nourish your brain, support your immune system, and feed your body with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


Propolis is the defender of the hive. Bees use it to line the walls and keep germs out. We use it to support our immune systems, soothe scratchy throats, combat free radical damage in the body, and feed the good bacteria in our gut.

Vitamins B, C & D



Polyphenols & Flavonoids


Certified keto, certified paleo, gluten-free, and natural. Always free of artificial colors & preservatives, fillers, alcohol, gluten, GMOs, and refined sugars.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly offers nutrients and antioxidants that may support brain health. Thanks to rare beneficial compounds, like acetylcholine and 10-HDA, this substance is known to improve cognition and promote mental clarity.

Bacopa Monnieri

A staple in Ayurvedic medicine, this adaptogenic herb may help your body better manage the effects of stress and reduce cortisol levels. It’s also a popular nootropic that may enhance brain function by supporting the brain’s ability to learn and retain information.


We love to talk about sourcing. All of our products come from remote apiaries located far from harmful chemicals, including locations in Canada, Europe, and South America. We work with our apiary partners to ensure that our bee products are sustainably-sourced and of the highest quality. We always put the health of the bees first.

Every third bite of food you eat comes from the bees. Without them, we’d lose apples, almonds, cucumbers, blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower, and more if the bees disappear. And that’s just one of the many consequences of losing our buzzing yellow friends.

There is rarely a correlation between allergies to bee stings (bee venom) and bee products. However, we always recommend consulting with a health professional in situations like this. Your safety is our number-one priority.

Our products are not certified organic, but we do third-party test all of our formulas for pesticides and heavy metals to ensure that we only bottle the very best ingredients.

Because bees fly and forage from areas far outside the certified organic radius, this certification doesn't have the same importance when you’re buying bee products as it does when you’re buying produce. What’s more, most small, sustainable beekeepers can't afford the certification process. The larger, commercial beekeepers who can pay for the certification don’t always practice sustainable beekeeping or treat their bees like family (as we do). Consider that food for thought next time you’re buying honey or clean medicines made with honey.

We have many parents in our community who love our products and find them beneficial throughout their motherhood journey. That said, everyone is different and as with most supplements, we recommend consulting your healthcare professional before taking any of our products during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.