In The News: December Edition

In The News: December Edition

Psychedelic 'Bee Vision' A recent has found flowers have certain heat patterns, with varying temperatures across petals. The patterns act like 'sensory signposts' to attract the bees.n a study led by the University of Edinburgh, researchers discovered the neurons that detect speed and direction to help guide bees home. Special neurons are located in the central complex part of the bee’s brain plays a pivotal role in controlling the navigation system. This is also- known as the path integration or 'dead reckoning', used by many living beings. Not So Sweet Friends In a recent viral video, a wasp attacks and kills, to put lightly, a honey bee. The video is just one of many examples of how wasps are a constant danger and struggle for beekeepers and their bees. Uncommon Relatives While you may think bees and hummingbirds were very different, it seems scientist beg to differ. In fact, scientists have been studying bees to learn more about hummingbirds and their foraging patterns. Known as optimal foraging, looks at how animals learn about their environment. While bees and hummingbirds differ in many ways, they both pay attention to their environment in similar ways. Both can remember locations of flowers and feeders, and both return to foraging from the same area day after day. The Limit Does Exist Even with the immense amount of research, the Canadian Government has decided to not ban bee killing pesticides. The neonicotinoids that have been proven to kill important insects from worms to our friends the bees, is no longer being banned. Instead, Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada is only planning to limit, while also adding a few additional warning labels. We are no impressed by this, and are hoping that the research will help reverse this decision.

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