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Why is gut health so important? Here's what you need to know

Why is gut health so important? Here's what you need to know down arrow

How Gut Health Became Sexy There’s no need to be shy anymore… About talking about your gut health. It’s gone mainstream now. In fact, it’s exploded in the past few years. Kombucha helped to start ...
Honey assortment in jars

The Sweet Reason Why You Should Be Eating Honey Before Bed down arrow

Just like you plug in your phone when its battery is running low, your body needs sleep to recharge for the next day. But even though the midnight hours are a time for you to rest, your brain uses ...

My Battle With Lyme Disease Inspired Me To Become a Beekeeper. Here's Why. down arrow

Holly Owens, Lyme Disease awareness advocate and the creator of Wellthy Belly, talks about pursuing her next title: beekeeper.
Carly's Labor Day Weekend Ice Cream Sundae

Carly's Labor Day Weekend Ice Cream Sundae down arrow

Enjoy a honeybee-inspired ice cream sundae with bee pollen (instead of sprinkles) and honey (instead of chocolate syrup).

Why Holly Owens of Wellthy Belly Uses Propolis Every Day down arrow

Holly Owens was diagnosed with lyme disease in 2018. Here's how she uses Beekeeper's Naturals products to look out for her immune system every single day.

The 3 Easiest Ways to Care for Your Immune System (And Other Need-to-Knows) down arrow

Meet Daniel Clark, our in-house expert on propolis and the human immune system. Danny’s currently attending the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where he’s studying to be a Naturopathic ...
BKN's Summer Buzz Cocktail

BKN's Summer Buzz Cocktail down arrow

Looking for a propolis summer cocktail recipe? Try this four-ingredient drink with extra immune support.

The Pollinator's City Guide to Los Angeles down arrow

Welcome to BKN’s Pollinator-Friendly City Guides: your passport to traveling the world’s best cities with VIPs (that’s Very Important Pollinators) in mind. Take the 101 to the 405 and find plenty o...

The Pollinator's City Guide to New York City down arrow

Discover the best of New York City. This pollinator-friendly city guide maps out the best food and activities across all five boroughs, so you have the inside scoop on the Big Apple.

100% of Online Purchases Will Benefit Soul Fire Farm Today, June 18 down arrow

Beekeeper's Naturals Partnership With Soul Fire Farms Today is Juneteenth. The Emancipation Proclamation freed all enslaved African Americans on January 1st, 1863. But it wasn't until two years la...

Gardening for Mental Health With Chloe Thomson down arrow

We all have different strategies for caring for our mental health. Some of us dance. Some of us bake banana bread (shoutout to #2020). And some of us—like Chloe Thomson, horticulturist and digital ...
Powered By Propolis With Hal Uveges

Powered By Propolis With Hal Uveges down arrow

Trainer and coach Halle Uveges jumped on the digital fitness train when the pandemic hit in early 2020—and she hasn't looked back. Here, she talks about going digital, finding her passion, and fall...